4 Tips To Maintain Clean Interiors In Your Car

It is essential to keep the interiors of your car clean and tidy. Clean interiors not only make it comfortable and healthy to ride in the car, but also improve its curb value. Maintaining clean interiors is not a single day job, you have to clean the interiors at regular intervals in order to make them fresh and clean.

Tips to Maintain Interiors of the Car

  • Clean the Seat Covers

Seat covers protect the original seats of the car from wear and tear, but it is essential to clean the covers regularly to ensure they are free from dust and grime. Travelling with children and pets may cause a lot of dirt to accumulate on the covers. Vacuum them regularly and clean them with a specialized shampoo or a detergent whenever required.

  • Clear the Glove Compartment

Many of us store important documents, papers, vouchers etc. in the glove compartment. It tends to get overfilled in a span of time and you may lose some important papers. Regularly clear out the compartment and neatly file the car documents in a file or folder. Throw away papers and bills that you no longer need.

  • Clean the Cup Holders

The cup holders in the car are one of the dirtiest spaces. They tend to accumulated spills, crumbs and dirt over time. Cup holders are also one of the most difficult spaces to clean. You can clean them using a cup and a sock. Fit a sock over the cup and spray it with a cleaner solution. Put the cup in the holder and clean them. You can place baking cups in the cup holders to collect the crumbs and spills.

  • Wash the Mats

Mats collect all the dust and grime. They tend to get dirty quickly especially during the rains. Remove the mats and spray them with a stain removing solution. Later, wash them and let them to dry naturally.  While choosing foot mats for the car, keep in mind to choose mats that are easy to clean. 

Apart from the abovementioned tips, you can install waterproof seat covers, use carpet cleaners to clean the upholstery and do a lot of other things to make the interiors of your car clean and hygienic.