Aussie Marketers Working To Overcome Apple’s Ios14 Update

Facebook’s sophisticated algorithm watches what people say on their platform, and how they interact with others in order to find people who share similar profiles. This data is then used by marketers on the platform so they can target their ads at the people most likely to purchase things from them.

The change

This system has been the go-to for marketers on the platform for years now, but Apple’s most recent update shook things up. An iOS14 update added a privacy feature on Apple devices that prevents companies like Facebook from tracking people.

The feature’s been rolling out over time, starting at the end of 2020, with the effects being felt by marketers around mid-April 2021, with many saying their Facebook ad performance got hit hard.

The main problem with marketing is, of course, finding the right audience to market to. Facebook provided an easy solution to that particular dilemma, but a few marketing experts are saying that there might be some over-reliance on the platform.

The response

There have been some suggestions going around about how to deal with the effects of the iOS14 update, including focusing on video view tracking and marketers targeting users that visit their pages.

However, others are saying that quality content is the answer to the problem, not targeting people who are already predisposed to buying and patronizing brands. Marketers are arguing that good content is great at persuading people to buy, removing the need to rely on finely-targeted ad campaigns.

The idea is that, unlike a king kong agency review and similar media which gets people’s attention properly, ads are just more likely to annoy people, when they should be changing people’s attitudes.