Australia Needs To Set The National Starting Age For Students

Once a child reaches the age where they can be enrolled to pre-school, the parents start to ask around for any information. They start with the school and inquire about the appropriate age for a child to be enrolled at school. Their line of thinking is not yet in there with high school furniture and curriculum but they are just starting out with decisions on whether their child’s age is school-ready.

Parents sending their child for the first time to pre-school might be surprised that there is no clear information about this matter. There are different variations depending on the state when it comes to the minimum starting age for students. While it may be a simple matter, upon further research, one would be able to come into the conclusion that the issue is rather complicated in Australia.

There are six states all over Australia and two territories. Each of them has different rules when it comes to the child’s minimum age to be enrolled in school. Add the fact that the education system in the country is no longer centralized. Hunting for this information in just a single website might prove to be impossible.

For instance, the minimum age in Queensland is five years old and the child’s birthday should be no later than June 30 of the same year as they are enrolled into school. For New South Wales, the minimum age is the same but the child should be five before July 31 in order to be accepted at a primary school for their first year. For the case of South Australia, the cut-off date is moved forward to May 5 while students in Tasmania have to be five before January 1 of the same year as they plan to enrol.

Despite the confusion, there is no move from the government to issue a standard rule to follow when it comes to the starting age of a child. This rule is necessary in order to remove the confusion of the parents. As the students grow up, the parents’ woes would change to high school furniture to the curriculum that the school is following and all of these issues should be addressed accordingly.