Common Bathroom Fixtures

Elegant bathroom fixtures add glamor and prestige to your bathroom. There are many choices you can pick from the market depending on your personality, budget, and needs. Nowadays, you can do so much in your bathroom to make it as glamorous as you wish with modern and traditional settings. Investing a little more on your bathroom fixtures is always worth the price of having a decent and stylish bathroom.

You may continue reading this to know more about bathroom fixtures and accessories that are commonly installed in bathrooms.


We offer different types of unique and distinctive cabinet collection to suit your needs. They can be coordinated with other bathroom accessories such as medicine cabinets, towels, linen, and mirrors. Vanities styles can be traditional, modern, transitional, cabinet style, wall hung, furniture style, and free standing.


The toilet is an essential part of the bathroom. Toilets come in either wall-hung, one-piece, and two-piece with elongated or round front. The bowl shape has both aesthetic and functional roles. If your family members are beyond six feet in height, you may prefer the comfort height ones. You can also opt to install bidet seats for more convenience. Please continue reading this for more information on this aspect.


They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Exceptional styling is the symbol of modern baths. Technology offers consumers many different options on how to relax in your tubs. Types of tubs may be built-in, soaker tubs, air baths, whirlpool, walk-in, free standing, corner tub, and claw fort tubs.


Because bathrooms are now considered a place to relax, lighting is essential. There must be a suitable lighting plan in the bathroom that gives ample light where the need is. There are four layers of light such as ambient lighting, task lighting, vanity lighting and accent lighting.


Decorative lavatory sinks give an ideal mix of function and form. They come in a wide array of shapes, materials, and sizes. Lavatory faucets are called the gems of the bathroom. They make a distinctive design and statement.


Showers have developed through the advancement of technology to give consumers unique experiences and satisfaction. Now, you can experience a spa-like feeling right in your own bathroom.