Content Marketing Proven To Be Effective By Financial Firms

According to the latest study conducted by Passle, a content marketing software provider, the 50 leading names in accountancy firms have not quite adapted with content marketing. This is in comparison to other firms that offer professional services. The resulting output is only one-third of what the law firms are producing.

Experts are suggesting that IFA firms are trekking the same road as accountants when it comes to content marketing.

According to the marketing consultant and creator of Life Talk which is the social network for IFAs, Philip Calvert, he conducted his own research and found out that IFAs and accountants are still not in touch and aware of the power of content marketing. Only very few are using this marketing tactic.

He added that there has been a considerable increase in the number of IFAs that are utilizing social media in the past years and content marketing is not their highest priority.

What they are not aware of is that there are a lot of benefits offered by content marketing especially in the area of advisory firms and financial planning. It will let clients know that your firm is the brain as well as the expert in your specific field. It can also generate leads and build trust between clients and the firm. This in return will strengthen the relationship.

The key is to a successful content marketing is to create an effective content strategy. Good marketing practice dictates that a business should have SMART objectives which pertain to an acronym. S stands for specific, M for measurable, A for actionable, R for relevant and T should be done within a specific timeframe.

Firms offering professional services should know when to publish content and blog posts should have strict deadlines. Method of distributing the content is also important. Planning ahead is important because you will have ample time to think about the content and make it better. There are blogging platforms that allow you to write blog posts but can be published at a later time. Your topic plays a vital role too because it is what determines whether the customer will like them or not. For business or individuals who are not sure about how to go about starting content marketing, the services of content marketing consultant are always available.