Features Of Some Of The Best International Schools

International schools used to cater only to expatriate communities in particular countries. The international schools have staff from the expatriate country of origin. The curriculum that such school follows is based on the syllabus from the expatriate’s country. In this regard, the international school that is put up in a certain Asian country to provide formal education to the children of UK expats will have the curriculum of the school in the UK with English-speaking staff and teachers.

In recent years, international schools also cater to local students and not just children of the expatriates. Parents should know the features of the best international schools that can help them determine the one to choose for their children. Expect the international school’s fee to cost more than any local schools.

There are international schools in Austria, Brazil, Brunei, China, Croatia, and Hongkong. There are also international schools in India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Expatriates and locals can choose international schools in Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Criteria and Features

All international schools have typical criteria that define them. Some of the criteria are:

  • They have smaller class sizes that can help the students stay focused on the discussion and encourage their class participation.
  • There’s a student body that’s multinational and multilingual to help the students regardless of their culture.
  • They usually have international accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, North Eastern Accrediting Commission for Schools, and others.
  • They have multinational and rotating teachers.

Some of the features of the best international schools are:

  • Must be able to offer a wide range of educational opportunities.
  • Must provide with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • The educational standard should be acceptable for international standards.
  • Should guarantee the safety and security of the students.
  • Must be able to teach the students to adapt well with other culture.
  • Teachers must be able to express themselves well and teach with patience.

Choosing the most suitable one among the best international schools in the area may seem tedious, but worth it.