Google Classroom App Spammed By One-Star Reviews

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Not all reviews focus on businesses, products, and services. Last April, Google Classroom, an online learning and submission platform was spammed with one-star reviews on the App Store. It was a show of protest from students who have issues with the app.

Last April, more than half of the USA was under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and students have to turn to remote learning through apps like Google Classroom. Although Google Classroom was the number one app for education in the Apple App Store, it received an unusual low rating of 1.7 stars.

Some reviews highlighted the issues with the app but others used the reviews to complain about online learning, in general. There were also 5-star reviews telling people to stop complaining.

Tiktok videos expressed excitement and surprise over the low ratings of Google Classroom. Several Tiktok videos tagged Google Classroom and told viewers about the low ratings. There were claims that apps with lower than one-star ratings will be deleted from the App Store.

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