How An Accommodation At The Kanchanaburi Resort Can Take You To The Bridge On The River Kwai

It’s best to book in a Kanchanaburi resort if you want to see everything that this small town can offer. Here, you’ll see the extraordinary beauty of the terrain where the ‘Death Railway’ links Thailand to Burma. The breath-taking scenery is filled with tropical and lush, rugged and fringed, mountainous perplexities.

It suits a traveller’s dream, like the Railway Man, the latest film ever shoot for Thailand’s historical dark chapters revealing many nightmares. Here you can relate the nightmares of Eric Lomax, a British serviceman, who was one of those who suffered the cruelty of the Japanese captors, while constructing the 215-mile long stretch of track linking Thailand to Burma in World War II.

The most famous scenic spot of the ‘Death Railway’ is certainly the Bridge on the River Kwai, which is commemorated in the 1957 Lean film of the same name.

While today it may be a reconstruction, the bridge has largely drawn a multitude of tourists every year. It’s why booking in a Kanchanaburi resort is needed for your accommodation. You may have been here before on a day trip from Bangkok, or just travelled for the very first time, you’ll be struck by its real beauty. You’ll also sense how difficult it was constructing the bridge many years after the World War II.

The details of the hardships in reconstructing the bridge can be featured on the Death Railway Museum in Kanchanaburi. Here, you’ll find many pictures from the time artefacts and moving testimonies of survivors were told in a film. The story of the railway evolves on how Japan sought to provide a new route to its troops in Burma and consolidated it to capture the entire Asia.

Around 60,000 prisoners of war were involved in the construction along with Asian labourers who were treated outrageously. They toiled amidst the heat and were subjected to morbid torture. The harshness was unimaginable and resulted to the death of 100,000, including British servicemen. Many of them were buried in the Kanchanaburi war cemetery.

Kanchanaburi may be a town in Thailand that is full of history, but one must book in a Kanchanaburi resort to enjoy what they can see and do here.