How Health Insurance In Thailand Helps

A serious problem that an employee can experience is to lose his or her employment. It can even turn out worst if aside from losing his income, he or she loses his or her health insurance in Thailand coverage. Health insurance is really expensive especially if you aren’t part of a group health insurance. If you lose such coverage when your jobless, hospital expenses can be really unaffordable and it’s hardly attainable.

But you don’t need to lose hope even if the job opportunity has let you go. The first step to do is to ask your previous boss if you’re still entitled to the health insurance in Thailand for the unemployed. In Thailand, the law demands that employers with more than 20 workers must be provided with health insurance for the unemployed for a period of 18 months. This cannot be considered free insurance, but it can be part of a severance package, which means your company will pay for insurance for a short time.

Once you’re out of job, you need to act quickly and allow you 60 days to find a new employer. Your previous employer can still subsidise your insurance coverage for a minimum of 18 months. If you’re planning to obtain an individual health insurance in Thailand, then you should start shopping and choose a beneficial coverage that handles your unemployment. However, this form of insurance doesn’t cover the basic healthcare needs.

If you’re still confused as to receiving health insurance for the unemployed, you need to choose a short-term insurance plan which is more affordable than the major health plans but are available for six months to a year. So your insurance premium can be lowered, you may need to choose a coverage that cover planned medical checkups and quick hospital visits.

The future of health insurance for unemployed workers is cheap with the end of the subsidy provided by the government for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA. This is a federal law given to let-go employees for the purchase of health insurance provided by the company. 35% of the premium are given to the unemployed for this health insurance in Thailand, while the government covers for the rest. However, when it expires, you’re left with covering your hospital and clinic bills.