Kennett Orthodontist Donating $100,000 For Kids’ Braces

It’s a fact that most people shy away from meeting their orthodontist in Exton or wherever they are, and kids are particularly prone to it. One orthodontist in Kennett Square, however, recently got on the news for the best reason possible.

Dr. Ryan Tamburrino has recently committed to helping kids in his community with a donation, and an event. On Nov. 9, 2012, Tamburrino and his team at Tamburrino Family Otrhodontics via Smiles Change Lives, a non-profit organization operating across Northern America that helps kids, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to otherwise, get braces for their orthodontic needs. Founded in 1997 under the name, Virginia Brown Community Orthodontic Partnership, named after an orthodontist who suffered through adolescence in need of braces, but unable to afford them.

Orthodontic treatment is generally seen by insurers as cosmetic, which leaves many kids and teens dealing with avoidable discomfort and embarrassment from their misaligned teeth. Smiles Change Lives aims to provide families across North America the chance to get their kids braces via their network of 800 volunteer orthodontists spread across the US and Canada, with many an orthodontist in Exton only a small part of the volunteer network.

Director of Provider Services Alexis Barclay says that Smiles Change Lives are thrilled to work together with Dr. Tamburrino, who has committed at $100,000 worth of orthodontic care for the organization, with the additional aim of getting at least 15 kids approved for braces via the program.

To qualify for this program, a child must be between 7-21 years old, have good oral health, isn’t wearing braces but in moderate to severe need of braces, and the family must meet financial guidelines, determined by comparing household income with the number of family members.

Smiles Changes Lives charge an application fee of $30, followed by a program enrollment fee of $650, who will not go to the provider. For those that receive approval from Dr. Tamburrino, but are unable to afford the program fees, the orthodontist also has Smile Scholarships, which help people pay for fees.

Dr. Tamburrino has stated that he feels that no one should have financial issues stand in the way of them getting a great smile, and improving their confidence.