Largest DVD Store In New Zealand Shutting Down

Civic Glenfield, the largest DVD rental shop in New Zealand, is shutting down. This is according to the owner, Nick Thomas, who revealed that they are going to sell their entire collection composed of around 60,000 movies as well as video games. The company has been in operation for over two decades in Auckland. This is sad news for those who are still renting but it is expected as many are turning to digital methods in downloading movies and video games. The number of people converting VHS to DVD is not that many because the technology has become obsolete and DVDs might be going on the same path.

Thomas admitted that there is a steep decline in the number of customers renting their DVD movies and the rise of online gaming is the main reason why games rental is no longer a hit. He explained that despite closing down, they have no regrets. They had a good run in the industry and they have always known that their products will not remain in demand forever.

They are not the only DVD rental shop closing down in the city because of financial struggles. Another DVD rental company located on Dominion Road called Videon has already closed shop on the last day of 2018.

Thomas said that they are going to put on sale everything on their collection of movies and video games to everyone who is interested. One of the main driving forces that led to the decline in DVD movie rentals is the introduction of online movie streaming platforms.

Their members are growing older and majority of their members are those who are aged 55 years and above. The highest number belongs to the age group between 70 and 80 years old. Majority of their older customers prefer to rent from DVD stores because it is a chance for them to get out of the house.

While their older customers are still converting VHS to DVD and have expressed sadness over the news, the business can no longer proceed because the profit is no longer enough to keep the shop going.