Michelin Star Awarded To A Street Food Vendor In Bangkok

If you are frequently traveling to Bangkok and staying at a business hotel in Sukhumvit then you might not have tried the popular street food of the city. Bangkok is now officially one of the food paradises in the world after Michelin released its very first guide of the metropolitan city.

Stars were awarded to 17 restaurants in the country but none were able to bag the highest award from Michelin which is the three-star. The good news is that three of the restaurants in the city were able to get a two-star award including Mezzaluna, a restaurant known for its specialty European cuisine spearheaded by Ryuki Kawasaki who is a Japanese chef, La Normandie which is known for its fine dining featuring French cuisine located at the Mandarin Oriental and last is Gaggan, an Indian restaurant famous for its innovative menu.

The one-star awardees are a combination of international and local Thai restaurants including SanehJaan, Savelberg, Chim by Siam Wisdom, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Sra Bua by Kin Kin, J’aime by Jean-Michael Lorain, Nahm, Ginza Sushi Ichi, Paste, Elements, Surhing, Upstairs at Mikkeller and Bo.Lan.

The city of Bangkok is known all over the world because of its street food and one of the most remarkable awards given by Michelin is a one-star rating given to a street food vendor, Jay Fai. They have been operating for seven decades. The restaurant is located in Banglumphu and it is known for is crispy omelettes stuffed with seafood which cost 1000 baht or £23. This is considered to be one of the priciest street food items in the city.

Bib Gourmand awards were also given to 17 establishments recognized for their modest restaurants including Sanyod which a small noodle shop and Jay Oh where customers can have the quality tom yum and clams for only £5.

Despite the fact that there are many notable street food vendors in Bangkok, Michelin follows a strict criteria and one of them is that restaurants awarded with stars should have a fixed location or address. This will make it easier for guests staying in business hotel in Sukhumvit to locate and visit their place of business.