No Academy Award Nomination For Will Smith

Many believe that Will Smith of Concussion should have been nominated for an Academy Award. During the interview on Good Morning America, Will Smith thinks that this year’s Oscar nominees do not represent the beauty and greatness of American diversity. Will Smith is one of the Hollywood actors who were disappointed by the lack of diversity in the nominations. For the second year, no non-white actor was nominated for the awards but there was obviously an abundance of white nominees.

According to Will Smith, diversity is America’s superpower. The basis of an American concept is hard work and dedication no matter the color, race or religion. None of that matter to America that is why it is great. Different people come from different places to add their ideas and influence. Hollywood reflects an imagery of beauty but Will Smith believes it should also fight and protect the ideals that make a community and Hollywood great. If you will look at the Academy Award nominations, you will not see a reflection of beauty.

Smith did not receive any nomination although a lot of people think that he deserves to be recognized for his role as Dr. Bennet Omalu who discovered a disease caused by repeated head trauma that is frequently experienced by football players. On the other hand, Smith insists that all the nominees are fantastic and deserving.

Will Smith has been nominated twice in the Academy Awards. The first time, he lost to Denzel Washington and the second time, he lost to Forest Whitaker. He has never lost to a white person. Smith also revealed that he and his wife will not be attending this year’s Oscars. Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith posted on a Facebook video that their absence is due to the all-white nominees. The couple feels it is uncomfortable to stand there and say that it is ok.

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