Online Reviews Easily Gain Customer Trust

Marketers have become innovative with their marketing strategies. It is now typical to find advertising reviews in the homepage of a website because it resonates with consumers who rely on personal recommendations. There is also King Kong advertising review in popular review sites that aims to influence consumers to choose the digital agency.

Consumers are not the only ones reading reviews. Results of a study published on Harvard Business Review reveals that employers with bad reputation end up spending 10% more to hire a new talent. Stiff competition for talent in some industries leaves companies with no choice but become conscious about their brand in order to attract top talents. Job seekers also expect management responses to online reviews.

According to Edelmann’s Trust Barometer, at least 3 in 4 consumers avoid advertisements. Very few consumers trust traditional advertisements particularly those that are pushed to their faces. Meanwhile, online reviews are quickly gaining consumer trust.

BrightLocal’s research found out that average consumers expect a business to receive at least 40 reviews online to make them trust the average star rating. There are higher expectations among consumers when it comes to the authenticity of the online reviews. This is good news for businesses because it means that a few bad reviews won’t drive a consumer away. However, the reviews must not attempt to derail the average star ratings.

Another study that appeared on the Harvard Business Review found out that every one-star rating increase that a brand receives on Yelp yields 5% to 9% increase in revenue. The results were observed in independent restaurants. Chain restaurants are not affected by star ratings.  Consumers are very receptive to reviews particularly if they contain more information. The more detailed the review, the more trust it tends to receive.

Do people trust King Kong advertising review on YouTube? Of course, they do because more and more people prefer videos than texts. Many people are impatient to read long texts that they would rather watch a video. Besides that YouTube ranks first among search engines. Any comments left become immediately visible to online users. Reviews from customers help other people make better choices.