People Will Continue To Commit Crimes Notwithstanding The Pandemic

Like other professionals, the criminal lawyer in Toronto has to adapt to the new normal that limits court functions to essential activities only. People still commit crimes in spite of the pandemic and this cannot be ignored by the justice system. Victims need justice but defendants also require representation.

Most people are inside their homes to avoid being infected with the coronavirus. Some big cities in the US have reported a significant decrease in crime rates during the first month of the lockdown. Other states have reported spikes in violent crime and crime theft. Most burglaries are focused on closed businesses.

There has been a noticeable decrease in home burglaries because people are staying home for most of the day. However, police reports reveal that burglaries are increasing and their targets are shuttered establishments with few cleaning crews working during the night. The desperation that comes with the pandemic can impact the number of crimes.

Streets are empty and people are not driving their cars. This has contributed to the increase in car theft. Auto theft increased in Austin by about 59% while in Salt Lake City, the increase was 26%. However, in Baltimore and the District, car theft dropped by nearly 35% and 2.5% respectively.

Police are less busy during the pandemic because there are fewer calls for service. Arrests also went down as the police made efforts to incarcerate less people during the pandemic. Meanwhile, police officials are wondering whether the drop in the number of arrests including the pullback in community policing because of social distancing will eventually lead to an increase in crime.

Traffic enforcement has also scaled back but in New York City and the state of California, police are frustrated over the repeat offenders that will be released back to their communities. It is very likely for the repeat offenders to reoffend again.

Since people continue to commit crimes during the pandemic, there will always be a need for the criminal lawyer in Toronto to provide legal representation in court. Lawyers have to adapt to their new working environment to speed up trials and avoid a backlog of cases during the crisis.