Rare False Killer Whales Show Up Near Koh Tao

For many a tourist staying in a Villa in Koh Tao, the blue seas had something new to keep an eye out for, as a pod of false killer whales showed up near the island, in the Ko Phangan district of Thailand’s southern provinces.

The pod had about 30 false killer whales, which are, in actuality, a large, oceanic dolphin variant, with locals reporting on the sighting, including local governor, Wichawut Jinto. According to the governor, diving tour operators off the coast were taking a group of foreign tourists off of Sai Ree Beach on the morning of June 1, Saturday, where they spotted the pod of false killer whales playing with each other in the ocean.

The tourists were, of course, amazed to see such rare marine animals in the area, and so close, and excitedly pulled out their cameras and their phones in order to catch the dolphins on photo and video.

The false killer whales then swam further out to sea, but are noted to be around the area in Koh Tao, with some tourists staying in their Villa in Koh Tao on the lookout for more sightings. Notably, this isn’t the first time a pod of false killer whales popped up near Koh Tao, with a pod being sighted in the area back in April 13.

On top of that, a number of whale sharks were also spotted by divers at several diving spots in the area, notably, Hin Khieo, Hin Khao, and Hin Bai, in the same weekend.

Governor Wichawut says that the rare marine animals are a sign of the richness of natural resources and the state of the environment around Koh Tao, which is considered as one of the best diving spots in the world.

The false killer whale is a large oceanic dolphin that lives in waters across the world, with a preference for warm, tropical waters. According to the Marine and Coast Resources Department, the Wildlife Protection Act of 1992 protects rare species, of which the false killer whale is one. A full-grown adult false killer whale can weigh around 2 tonnes, with males and females about 5m, and 6m long, respectively.