Renewable Capacity Higher Than Fossil Fuels In The UK

United Kingdom has reached a new milestone because the country’s capacity for renewable energy is now higher compared to the fossil fuels – a feat deemed impossible years ago by environment experts.

In the past half decade, the capacity of renewable energy has grown three times. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, have decreased by a third. This is because many power stations have reached the limit of their lifetime while others become too impractical to maintain.

The end result is that from the month of July until September, the renewable energy capacity including biomass, wind, hydro power and solar is at 41.9 gigawatts while fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal-fired power plants can only produce 41.2 gigawatts.

The resulting data has been gathered by the Imperial College London and according to them the rate of building the capacity of renewable energy in the last few years has rose compared to the hype that happened for gas during the 1990s.

The researcher of the study, Dr. Iain Staffell, said that the power system of Britain is starting to shift away from fossil fuels albeit very slowly. For the previous quarter, it was already a major milestone considering the long journey.

Looking at the power side, fossil fuels are still able to generate more electricity at 40 per cent while renewable sources resulted to only 28 per cent of generate electricity. For the same period, the total electricity generated was 57 per cent coming from a combination of nuclear power stations and renewable sources.

Regarding the installed capacity, the highest renewable energy comes from wind which is over 20 gigawatts. The second spot was taken by solar energy with panels covering 1 million rooftops including fields. The third spot was bagged by biomass.

Looking at the last year, the coal capacity declined by a quarter and all over United Kingdom the coal-fired plants have been reduced to only six. For the meantime, gas boilers by consumers are advised to be checked regularly. They can look these up in order to get in touch with the best boiler professionals in the country.