Schools In Punjab Facilitated Cleaning While On Vacation

It is common for academic institutions to hire contractors for school cleaning in Sydney but the government of Punjab, on the other hand, announced that they will not be taking a break this summer vacation in order to perform some school work while there are no classes. The school work will involve repairs of the facilities at the school. A request was made by the Education Department from its district officials as well as surrounding districts that they will be doing some school work in order to fix the school’s current problem with facilities.

Capt. Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister, was the one who signed the order and gave directions regarding the things they will have to do. They will be covering all education offices in the district as well as neighbouring schools. It is their aim to complete the project before the summer vacation is over.

The government has also issued an order that all officials and staff should make sure that all schools and offices will be kept clean for the whole duration of the summer.

The same order states that there is a specific instruction that the rooftops should be kept clean in preparation for the coming rainy season. The ceilings must also be free of visible cobwebs. Cleaning the roof is important to make sure there will be no stagnant water that can attract mosquitoes and no wild plants will start growing on the rooftop.

If necessary, the order also mandates that those who are in charge should be the one to perform all repairs as well as whitewash all the buildings and offices inside the school campus.

Special attention should also be given to the electric wires inside the school premises to ensure that there is no live wire present and to check for the standard fitting.

Broken and damaged furniture should be kept in a secure place while those that require repair should be overhauled. Pest control will also be scheduled and should adhere to the instructions provided by the government. This is a good thing that the government is taking a proactive measure in maintaining schools. The same is being done by administrators of schools in Australia because of their existing contract with professional school cleaning in Sydney.