Shifting From Gas Boilers To Ground Source Pumps

Many homeowners are familiar with Effective Heating Doncaster because they are the go-to whenever there is a boiler emergency. Households can always rely on their skills, expertise and knowledge in boiler installations, maintenance and repair. However, are gas boilers being scrapped to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions?

According to Chancellor Philip Hammond, he wants to stop the installation of gas boilers and central heating for new homes starting 2025 because of the government efforts to shift to something that is greener. Hammond did not mention anything for existing homes that currently have gas central heating systems.

In councils like Islington in London, centralized heating systems have been developed to send heat to properties instead of relying on gas through highly insulated pipes. If the new “green” plan is to materialize, most households have to replace their existing gas boilers. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether the alternatives like biomass stoves and heat pumps can lower the annual energy bill.

A ground source heat pump can replace the gas boilers as source of energy to heat the home. This option will require digging 4-feet trenches and laying pipes that contain fluid. The scale of the pipe network depends on the size of the home and garden. Even if the air temperature is below zero, the underground soil will warm the fluid inside the pipes. In the process called compression, fluid will flow into the heat pump before it is fed into a tank and on the home’s pipes and radiators.

The installation of a ground source pump will involve extensive excavation that can cost between £10,000 and £20,000. The yearly savings on the energy bills is estimated at £300. A yearly incentive is offered based on how much energy is produced by the ground source pump. The pump is efficient but homeowners cannot afford the costs of installation.

Meanwhile, if you are still using a gas boiler, you can ensure its efficiency through proper maintenance. You can call Effective Heating Doncaster for boiler inspection and maintenance. If there are parts that need to be replaced, you will be properly notified of the costs so that you can make a confident decision.