Shopify Announces Plans To Hire Employees For New Vancouver Office

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify is opening its first permanent office in downtown Vancouver, a city known for the abundance of tech talent in fields like app development, custom software development, web design, and others, and, to accommodate its plans, the company plans to hire 1,000 employees.

Shopify is an Ottawa-based tech company, which specializes in providing e-commerce businesses a place to sell their products, announced late January 2020 that it’ll be bringing in backend developers, web developers, custom software development experts, data engineers, mobile developers, product designers and managers, and the like, to the tech sector of the city of Vancouver.

According to a company statement, Shopify’s mission has been to make commerce better for people, and, in order to do that, they’re be bringing in world-class tech experts from different fields, with a focus on Vancouver’s software development field.

They added that they chose Vancouver because they’re proudly Canadian, and they see the city as a hub for talent that can help them grow.

British Columbia Minister of Jobs Michelle Mungall heard of the announcement, stating that its evidence of the province’s strong economy, and proof that British Columbia is one of the most attractive places to do business for the world’s leading corporate entities.

Mungall stated that Shopify, a proud Canadian company, recognizes the province of British Columbia for their top talent and an environment catered to allowing for growth, adding that Vancouver, in particular, is known across the world for being a hub of innovation and for having a highly-skilled workforce, which only continues to bolster its popularity among businesses and investors.

The new Shopify office will be led by Shopify VP of User Experience Lynsey Thornton, and will be located in Bentall Centre’s Tower 4, in a custom-designed, 4-floor space to open later in 2020.

Currently, Thorton and Shopify’s Vancouver workers operate remotely from a WeWork space located just across the street.

Thorton released a blog post regarding the matter, saying that the company sees a lot of growth happening in Vancouver, and they believe that they can offer something unique, something that can set them apart from the rest of the market.