Smart Paint That Can Make The House Cooler

These days, air conditioning system is the answer when the weather is too hot to handle inside the house. The downside with this option is that is quite expensive because you have to buy an air conditioning system, have it installed in the rooms inside the house and the electric bill will also shoot up. Aesthetically speaking, an air conditioning system does not make the house look pretty at all. Going back to many years ago, home owners adapted the trick of paining their houses with white paint because it is known to have a cooling effect. The difference this time is that there are now paint with UV rejecting additives thanks to modern technology.

There are available powdered additivePs that can be purchased commercially. These additives are simply mixed into any type of house paint. The goal is that the paint has the capacity to reflect UV rays and at the same time it insulates the house. There are also other options in the market such as the pre-formulated paint designed to reject heat. This kind of paint simply rejects heat but does not have insulating features.

The main goal of the paint is to reflect the UV rays that are beaten down by the sun to the white paint. The rays do not reach the walls underneath the paint which is one trigger that could generate more heat and then transfer the heat inside the house’s interior.

There have been tests done to compare these types of modern paints. One of the tests used the same siding boards to paint with. These painted samples are then displayed under the sun where the temperature reaches 24 degrees C. Based on the result, regular paint recorded no heat absorption which means that it has the same temperature as the ambient one.

Another test was conducted but this time a stucco wall was painted with white paint. At the end of the day, it was concluded that it does not matter what kind of paint as long as it is white then it has the capacity to maintain the coolness of the house. To know more about paint options, use this link to contact the best home painter in Northampton.