Students From East London Designed Costumes For British Film

The Absolutely Fabulous film adaptation will not only be showcasing costumes made by popular designers. There is a lot of couture developed for the movie and one set of them which is consists of 12 avant-grande items are designed as well as created by students that are currently enrolled at the University of East London.

These students are given the task of making the outfit that will be used for the pivotal scene on the movie which will star Joana Lumley and Jennifer Saunders. They are best friends as well as dysfunctional fashionistas in the characters of Patsy and Edina.

They were given the job because the costume designer of the Absolutely Fabulous movie, Rebecca Hale, and the fashion designer senior lecturer of UEL Caryl Court have mutual friends. The friend was the one who suggested that the students will be able to contribute their young talent and cool outlook.

According to Caryl, she was controlling herself not to squeals when they contacted her because she was very happy. She thought that she accepted the challenge for the sake of the students, their course as well as the university. She also expressed that the students were excited upon hearing the news of what they are going to do because all of them are familiar with Absolutely Fabulous. The students who are still quite young when the TV series last aired still know about the show.

The TV series debuted last 1992 and the film will begin on the setting of the London Fashion Week. There will be cameos featuring known artists such as Graham Norton, Joan Collins, Emma Bunton and Jeremy Paxman. The movie held their premiere last June 29 at the Leicester Square and a lot of celebrities came to attend the Ab Fab premiere. There is also the fun after party which was attended by Kate Moss, who played a role in the film. Present at the event is the comedy partner of Jennifer – Dawn French – as well as Kylie Minogue, the pop star who sang the official song that is used as the movie’s soundtrack. Fans that are fond of dressing up may check on TV Store online costumes for their latest movie costumes.