The Same Business Approach Used For Takashimaya Bangkok And Singapore

Travellers to Bangkok have something new to look forward to. Siam Takashimaya department store has recently opened in Bangkok. From the Sukhumvit hotel, you can easily reach Japan’s iconic department store through BTS, bus or taxi. The same formula that was successful in Singapore will be used in the Bangkok store.

When the iconic brand first opened its doors to the public in Bangkok, a rich line-up of Japanese food, powerful partners and localized operations were presented to the guests. Shigeru Kimoto, president of Takashimaya and kimono-clad Thai staff welcomed the more than 1,000 people who lined up for the grand opening. Near the entrance, people were able to sample Shinano Gold apples, premium melons, persimmons and other luxury fruits.

However, it seems that the focus of Takashimaya Bangkok is wealthy customers because they sell a pack of Shinano Gold apples for 200 baht each. But price does not matter for Thais who want to experience authentic Japanese brands. At least 30% of the 530 brands offered by the store originated from Japan.

Siam Takashimaya will specialize in items coming from the main northern island of Japan, the favourite of Thai tourists. Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza will offer at least 500 items from snacks to dairy products that cost about 3 times more than those sold in Japan. Even potato chips are expensive but a customer who has been to Takashimaya in Tokyo and Osaka wanted to check if the brand was the same to the ones sold in Japan.

The same approach of running a store according to local business practice that was successful in the Singapore location is being used in Thailand. Staff uniforms are based on local taste. In Japan, employees wore sombre grey outfit but in Thailand, the employees wore a more appealing red, black and white uniform.

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