The Signs Of A Boiler That Needs Reparation

During winter times, your condensing boiler can be pretty worked up. In the past few years, there has been a record number of homeowners that have reported burst pipes as well as broken down boilers. There is nothing worse than to be in the situation of finding yourself without any heating system in the midst of cold winter. It is certainly when you need the boiler the most. Unfortunately it is also during those times that most problems occur.

What could go wrong with your boiler?

The most common type of boiler is the condensing boiler. They are valuable treasures for households that are fighting for high electricity and gas costs but the offside to these is that they require more frequent servicing. The good news for this type of equipment is that condensing boilers are about 20 percent more efficient compared to regular boilers. The bad news is that the equipment is more likely to freeze during the cold weather. It is for this reason that it is critical to have your gas boiler regularly checked. If the temperature is below freezing and the condensing boiler is not working or is constantly displaying an error message then the condensate pipe is likely to be frozen.

The red flags

The most obvious sign for a boiler that is not working is simply when it is not anymore heating up water. This is the surest sign that a boiler is not anymore working. However the trouble or problem may have started long before that sign. One of the clearest signs that you need to look for is whether the boiler flame is clear blue. Flames with the color of yellow or orange are indicators that there is a problem with your unit. This means that it is time to seek the help of a boiler engineer.

Boiler pressure is another indicator of your unit being in trouble. If the pressure of the boiler suddenly drops or rises or if the pressure will remain very high for prolonged period, the equipment maybe need to consider the services of boiler repairs Nottingham.