Why Millennials Do Not Like The Country Club Image

In 1979, The New York Times announced that country clubs sell a new image. Below the headline is an article that describes a woman who showed up in the country club dressed in jeans and riding a motorcycle. Things have certainly changed and country clubs must accommodate the new generation in order to survive.

Some of the changes that country clubs have made include lower dues and special dance for the younger members. Millennials cannot be expected to pay thousands of dollars for a country club membership and dues. Those who are not deterred by the high cost do not like the country club image of stuffy and formal, old fashioned dress codes and religious and racial discriminations.

Golf which is a mainstay activity in many country clubs is having a difficult time attracting the younger generation. In the 1990’s, there were 5,000 and more full-service golf and country clubs. In 2010, the number has dipped to 4,100. Now, it is below 4,000. The 2014 study that was commissioned by National Club Association revealed that club membership is down by 20% from 1990.

According to the National Golf Association, about 90 million adults aged 18 to 34 played gold in the 1990’s. Today the number has gone down to 6.2 million. Millennials are willing to join private membership clubs in an urban setting. The term country club has a different connotation because based on its history; it is not open to certain groups.

In the past, the model for a country club is largely male-centric, high income and white. On the other hand, Jeff Morgan, CEO of Club Managers Association of America insists that modern country clubs are now a family-centric activity centre. Of course, there is still golf but there are other activities offered like tennis, swimming, beer nights and wine tasting.

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