Will New Jersey Lift The Ban On Serving Food And Drinks At Funeral Homes

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Believe it or not but in New Jersey, it is illegal to serve food and drinks at the funeral home. However, this will change soon because state lawmakers are considering a bill that could lift the ban. State Senator Joe Cryan, D-Union, said that he sponsored the measure after some funeral home operators approached him regarding the issue.

In some cultures, it can be a bit of an issue if mourners are not served coffee, sandwiches or anything during a wake. In the past, there were certainly some concerns on eating near a corpse but according to experts, this belief has faded away.

According to the bill, refreshments must not be stored, prepared, distributed or consumed in the areas where the dead are stored or prepared. Mortuaries may serve food and drinks on the premises provided the refreshments are not prepared in the area. The amendments have to pass Senate and a Full Assembly before it reaches Governor Phil Murphy for decision.

New York City had the same prohibitions but it ended in 2016. According to Althea Director, director of government relations for New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, they support the legislation but some funeral operators think that it is a business decision to proceed with serving food and drinks.

Some funeral directors say that small funeral homes do not have adequate space for refreshment area. Others think it is unsanitary particularly since many funeral homes do not maintain kitchens and it is wrong to serve refreshments.

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