Winter Music Festival Coming To New Melbourne

This 2019, Melbourne is welcoming a winter festival and it will feature a party called White Night. It lasts for 24 hours and will have live music from both local and international artists. Make sure to get all your boiler repairs in order before the winter season comes in. Once your house is warm, you can have peace of mind and enjoy everything the winter festival has to offer.

Michael Gudinski, the chairman of Mushroom Group, is the lead organizer of the entertainment during the grand final of the AFL. He will also be the advisor of the upcoming winter festival. The title of the festival is yet to be decided.

For this festival, they will focus on utilizing smaller venues alongside with bigger arenas. It is also expected that the popular White Night features will be showcased such as design, art performances, magic, film and light shows.

According to John Eren, the minister for tourism, the winter festival is considered to be a big event therefore it is expected to lift the local businesses as well as provide additional employment.  It will also improve the reputation of the city as the capital of Australia when it comes to big events and cultural happenings.

The festival will shed new light to Melbourne because there will be films, music, dance and food for everyone to enjoy. The new format will also be used to make sure that it will be more enjoyable for families.

David Atkins, the artistic director of White Night, said that Melbourne will be in front of many eyes through this event which will catch the attention of many audiences. This will highlight the rich culture of Victoria and will prove that Melbourne deserves to be tagged as the culture capital of Australia.

The event will undergo a reimagining that will boost everyone involved including the artists, the institutions, performers and even cultural practitioners. This is why families are urged to have boiler repairs because they will surely enjoy this outdoor winter experience and might want to come home to a warm house after a joyful experience at the festival.