2018 FIFA Fan Fest In Russia Welcomes 7.7 Million Fans

No one has prepared for the number of football fans that came to Russia to witness the FIFA Fan Fest 2018. While others contented themselves to ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล , there are those that invested time and money to come to the event itself. The event came after the exhilarating championship game for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia wherein France took home the title. FIFA announced that the FIFA Fan Fest for this year which is Russian edition has been swarmed with 7.7 million football fans from all over the world. The number is a lot higher compared to the 2014 edition wherein the event welcomed 5.2 million football fans.

During the daily matches, fans in tens of thousands either local or tourist came together to one of their chosen locations for the FIFA Fan Fest in order to enjoy the games. For the entire World Cup games which lasted for 917 hours, they were able to witness live football as well as enjoy the music and programs provided which showcase the culture of the country. The music was provided by 646 bands and the live music went on for 323 hours. All of these programs and entertainment were free of charge for the fans.

According to the Chief Commercial Officer of FIFA, Philippe Le Floc’h, there was a close partnership that occurred between the Commercial Affiliates, the LOC, FIFA as well as the Host Cities. The 7.7 million football fans who came were able to enjoy the event which is not only free but made sure to be safe and with high entertainment value.

He also added that the organization is already making plans for the future FIFA Fan Fest to make it even more fun. They are excited to welcome the football fans for the next FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Qatar in 2022.

The match with the highest attendance recorded was on June 25 when Uruguay played against Russia which is the host country. Of the 11 venues, there are a total of 499,000 fans came to ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล while the best attendance was given to Moscow, the host city, because 1,887,200 visitors were present.