About Us

Harold K Nelson


F.R.A.C.T.A.L. News brings you the freshest, interesting and exciting news. With myriads of stories happening worldwide, it is important to ascertain in order to make informed decisions when asked to do something. The latest technological, business and local news is brought to your by F.R.A.C.T.A.L. News.

Importance of Journalism

The main purpose of journalism is in order to provide people with the relevant information that they need in order to be self governing and free at the same time. Journalists on the other hand are tasked to report what businesses, governments and other influential institutions do. They give citizens with the right information that they will need in deciding from what school to attend and to which politician they should vote for.

The information handed from one person to another is important in shaping a society and its corresponding behavior. The information should be kept pure and should not in any way be tampered with. At FRACTAL News, we ensure that the information we share our clients with are correct and free from errors. If ever at error, we ensure that we inform our readers immediately and correct the information immediately. We promote responsible journalism and therefore we do not make up stories which cannot be validated.

The guiding principles

The main principles that we follow in our company are as follows: Balance, Accuracy and Credibility. We ensure that our journalists undergo seminars and trainings so that they are responsible enough in carrying out their jobs. The information which they gather is based only in facts and truths which can provide accurate news. Aside from those mentioned, our journalists are also responsible in giving space to anyone without any bias. The news reporting is balanced.

We have a lot of experiences that we can boast of as being we have been in the industry for quite some time now. As a reader, you need to establish faith over the news that different media platforms will be presenting. Without having credible information there will be no trust press. It is important that we always maintain accuracy and balance in providing credible information to our clients.