Advantages Of Using The Services Of A Logistics Company

The third party logistics provider plays a critical role in enabling manufacturing companies to deliver their goods to the customers on time and in good condition. In the present times, when businesses are looking to expand in global markets, the role of third party logistics provider is gaining even more significance.

A third party logistics company provides a wide range of services to its clients. Some of them are providing dedicated transportation services, inventory management services, logistics management and consulting services, freight audit, shipment tracking and reverse logistics. The specialist logistics companies can offer effective logistics solutions to their clients, right from the stage of raw material procurement to the delivery of the product to the final customer.

Advantages of opting for a 3 PL

Reduced costs

Hiring a specialist logistics company can help manufacturers to reduce shipping costs significantly. The manufacturers can reduce their shipping costs around 5% to 25%.  The reduced costs can have a positive impact on the profitability.

Expertise and experience

The laws of transportation and customs change drastically from time to time. It is difficult for manufacturing companies to keep track of these dynamic laws. On the other hand, the logistics companies have dedicated teams to handle the legal regulations. This makes the task of entering new markets easy for manufacturers.

Exposure to new markets

Apart from dealing with the customs regulations and other legal formalities, specialist logistics companies can also help manufacturers to enter foreign markets by providing services like, translating packaging to the required language, handling the shipping process and managing inventory.

Effectively manage fulfilment for multiple markets

A specialist logistics company can effectively manage fulfilment for multiple markets. The 3 PL companies have necessary arrangements to ship goods to different countries and also have warehouse capacities to store the goods and set-up fulfilment. The cost of hiring the services of a 3 PL are much cheaper than the costs of hiring warehouses and shipping the goods. Moreover, the expertise of the logistics company helps manufacturers to deliver goods to the customers in a timely manner.

Tracking lost shipments

The specialist logistics companies are experienced in dealing with the customs at various countries. They can easily track the lost shipments and get them delivered to the end customer at the right time.