Airbnb For Events – A Tool For Event Organizers And Planners

Why do you need a conference management service when there are staffs that can take care of organizing an event? You need the skills and experience of a professional events management team to maximize the conference dollar at every possible way. There must be someone who has the know-how to market the conference, talk with exhibitors and gain support from advertisers.

However, do not be surprised if you hear that Airbnb, the company that conquered the travel market has tools for meeting and event planning. Airbnb for Events will officially enter the event management market; a news that is not welcomed by hotel conference venues because it will take away attendees out of their hotels.

When an event organizer uses Airbnb for Events, a creative interactive map of Airbnb listings that can be used for corporate events, conferences and concert arrangers is located near the venues. The interactive map can be embedded directly in the event website. There is also a personalized landing page designed for each event on the website with the objective of assisting event planners with marketing.

The idea of Airbnb for Events is to provide conference attendees with more options for nearby accommodations so that they can enjoy the city from a local perspective. Airbnb also hopes to mitigate large crowds that events usually draw. Attendees will not experience a dearth in accommodations which used to happen in the past. However, corporate travel companies are not yet integrated with Airbnb’s third party booking tool.

Besides events, Airbnb is also integrating interactive listing maps with other travel-based companies that include ticketing platforms, wedding venues, trip-planning platforms and city guides. Some of the initial partners of Airbnb are Insider, Inspirock, Picatic, RSVPify, Taquilla and WeddingWire.

Airbnb says that it has worked on similar ideas or concepts before with companies like Stay22 that produced maps with listings for events websites and event suppliers like Expedia and

However, venue is only a secondary factor during event planning because the most important is conference management service from concept to finish. Before the venue can be chosen, the event planner must determine the number of attendees to ensure that space will be adequate.