America’s Top Video Games Of 2018

2018 is the year of interactive gaming and the industry was dominated by video games such as Battle Royal and Fortnite. These two might be at the top of the list but there are other video games that have made it to the list such as cheap games with single and multiplayer roles.There are even some surprising releases from popular franchises with long-awaited games the public has been calling for a few years now.

Despite the fact that Fornite was released in 2017, it really took the spotlight in 2018. It is a combination of Battle Royale and Minecraft. The developers never failed to introduce fun events such as the meteor that hit the island landscape in the game. It also prompted to the popularity of the dance craze now known as “the floss”.

God of War is an action-adventure game series that is focused on defeating Kratos with new weapons and a new character known as Atreus, Kratos’ son. The angle frames of the camera are better than before because it offers a larger scale focus. The story itself is the driving force that makes the video game fans come back for more.

Third on the list is Monster Hunter: World which is a sequel to Monster Hunter that is known to dominate the eastern side of the world. With the introduction of Monster Hunter: World, video game fans from the west got to experience this new world. The role playing game is filled with action and it allows banding with other players in order to defeat bigger villains.

There are also the sports games that hooked many such as MLB The Show 18, FIFA 19, NBA 2K19, Madden 19 and NHL 19. Every year something new is added to the roster in order to keep the fans on their toes and to keep them playing the game. This year proved that the major sports titles still have something new to offer to their fans in terms of game play which is getting more realistic and the graphics are more refined. These games are not considered under cheap games category because they are still in demand but there are other game options with quality for those who are on a budget.