Apple Hopes To Create The Best Map App In The World

Maps are typically created to provide directions and assist with navigation. However, the Lake Erie map illustration is different because it illustrates the most popular food festival distinctions in the Lake Erie region. The map is published in the Lake Erie Living Magazine that features restaurants, cultural attractions, shops and recreational activities.

On the other hand, Apple Maps is trying to recover after the disastrous launch in 2012. Improvements have been made and the app now functions as expected; however, there is no reliable data whether iPhone users have ditched Google Maps in favor of Apple’s app.

Since 2017, Apple has been collecting mapping data from the streets, sidewalks and footpaths. You will see Apple employees wearing backpacks that were kitted with cameras and sensors. Apple revealed through its website that the backpacking team will be sent to several locations in California that include Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Clara Country over the next few weeks. You can find Apple’s Cupertino head office in Santa Clara County.

Mapping cars will be deployed to several hundred places in the United States and the United Kingdom over the next couple of months as part of Apple’s continuing efforts to gather its own data and add more details to the map app without the need to rely on 3rd party sources.

When Tech Crunch interviewed Apple’s Eddy Cue who oversees the maps,it was learned that the company is keen on taking the map app to the next level. Apple hopes to create the best map app in the world by building the app from the ground up.

Aside from the data that will be collected by backpacking employees and car mapping, Apple will also gather data from satellites and iPhones without compromising privacy of individuals. This is to ensure that new features like buildings and roads will be added soon after they open.

Throughout the years, map illustrations have been created to show the cuisine, culture or attractions of a particular town or city. An example of a map illustration is Lake Erie Illustrated Map where the focus is on food festival distinctions instead of roads, bridges and train tracks for navigation.