Artificial Grass Gets Better With Innovation

Some people are reluctant to renovate office with artificial grass because of the negative issues that has been released regarding the products but new innovations in the industry which are plant-based could prove otherwise. Synthetic turf is the center of attention once more because of the new developments and maintenance is only factor that has been further developed in the product.

Many facilities are considering investing into synthetic turf because various aspects have been improved including wellness, health and the unpredictable weather patterns. Natural grass is known to have a fresh smell, creates a cooling effect to the surrounding, eliminates carbon dioxide in the air, takes in rainwater and decreases the level of noise. Industry experts recently announced that synthetic grass is also found to display these attributes and benefits. The upside with artificial grass is that maintenance is lower compared to natural grass. This is an essential factor in places where drought is common and floods are a constant problem.

Rainfall events are also developing more and more because of the Earth’s global warming and it is not well for cities all over North America because extreme rainfall has resulted into damage. On the other hand, places with dry weather are forced to implement a stricter rule when it comes to using water and they are employing a tiered system for using water.

Water costs are higher if water is used for maintaining natural grass and the amount allowed by regulations might not be enough to sustain a living grass. Dry grass is not ideal because it poses a fire risk. For places where water programs are present, residents are given tax incentives and rebates if they decided to replace their natural grass lawn with artificial turf.

Those who are against synthetic grass will be happy to know that issues they have raised such as heat-island effect, water run-off quality and management of storm water and filtration has already be addressed. The synthetic industry is no longer using Polyethylene but rather soy beans are used for a greener alternative. These developments could encourage people to renovate office with artificial grass because of the latest innovations.