Aussies Warned Of Locksmith Scammers

Aussies are currently being warned because there are reports of locksmiths with no qualifications that are swindling homeowners as well as renters. This is also threatening those with legal businesses as locksmith in Brisbane because their professions are being questioned right now. These illegal businesses are posing as legal locksmiths and they are offering services despite their lack of skills and proper training.

According to industry experts, there are advertisements online which says they are only charging $45 but are actually scams. These illegal locksmiths are trying to victimize those who are desperate to unlock their homes. The twist is that when the final bill is given, the charge will amount to between $400 and $500. Authorities said that some of these scammers have been identified as backpackers and because of lack of experience they end up damaging locks.

This is the reason why many in Victoria are calling for the national government to do something about these scammers by regulating the businesses. They are also demanding that the rules and licensing should be made stricter. This way, it will be easier to rule out those who are unqualified to carry out the job.

MLAA’s chief executive, Peter Johnson, said that a uniform regulation should be imposed to every state because as of the moment the regulations are quite different from one another. Mr. Johnson said that a uniform approach should be done on a national level.

In the case of New South Wales, there is already a licensing system in place for Western Australia and Queensland. These are regulated by the police under the state. Fair Trading is the responsible body in regulating the locksmithing businesses in Queensland.

For locksmiths in Victoria, there is not registration needed and they are not required to have a licensure either in order to be employed for such task. They only need to secure a security license if they are to tackle tasks like installation of security systems.

Mr. Johnson said that legal locksmith in Brisbane have noticed that these scammers usually pose in areas where they are currently visiting as they will be gone in a few days and won’t be contacted again by their victims.