Australia Will Witness Its First Same-Sex Couple Wedding

This Monday, Australia is going to witness its first same-sex wedding. The couple to wed is Cas Willow and her partner, Heather Richards. They have been together for 17 years. It is expected that they will get a wedding catering in Sydney for their wedding reception.

The sad part of the story is that they are rushing to wed because of Cas’ medical condition. She is 53 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to her brain. Her doctors told her that she may not be able to live until the end of this year.

The two are hoping to spend the remaining weeks or days together without having to tolerate the questions and judgments regarding their relationship but rather they will step out accepted.

The public was not expecting the very first gay wedding in Australia until January because of the mandate that couples should send at least a month’s notice before their wedding date.

A few, however, were given approval by the registries in Australia including marriage, birth and death to wed sooner because of their unique circumstances.

It was at the end of October when the condition of Cas has turned for the worst.

Several months ago, she was living normal life busy with her career as a therapist and a counselor. She has a clinic based in Williamston which is in Melbourne.

She thought she had already won over cancer after going through many treatments including radiation, chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy and she agreed to remove her ovaries through surgery.

Cas admitted that she was not ready for it the second time around. She knew that there is a chance of it coming back but she expected to be able to enjoy a couple more years.

In the last few months, there are instances when she can’t even speak.

It was two months ago when the doctors gave her a terminal diagnosis which came only a number of days before the postal vote result came out. After federal Parliament approved marriage equality, they were engaged in a few hours.

Despite racing against time, the couple is happy to be able to share a wedding catering in Sydney with the people who will come to witness their union.