Auto Enthusiasts Day Fills Streets With Colorful Cars

There are a lot of things to celebrate. With over thousands of festivities gracing the world today, celebrations have never been new to most people. And that is exactly what happened at the Angel Stadium in Southern California this June. Hundreds of automobiles, each with their unique designs and styles brightened up the streets and a multitude of people flocked the parameters as they all celebrated the Auto Enthusiasts Day. Furthermore, prominent air intake system provider aFe Power also took part in the celebration to showcase their prowess in the said niche.

Who are Auto Enthusiasts?

Also known as the car club, the automotive enthusiasts are a group of people sharing a common interest in vehicles, be it cars, bikes, or jeeps among others, and those who understand and know the importance of basic automotive maintenance, which may include oil changing and the likes. More so, a lot of enthusiasts posed in front of the array of vehicles parked next to each other, each wearing their own “rider costume”.

Focusing on those who are genuinely into cars, the Auto Enthusiasts’ Day organizers clarified that the Auto Enthusiasts’ Day are mainly dedicated to enthusiasts and not only on drifters, racers, and off-roaders.

A Day of Extravaganza

Along with the display of different vehicles are different entertaining performances which highlighted off-road demonstrations which surely captivated the eyes of the enthusiasts. Imagine some of the greatest drifters and car exhibitionists perform some of their breathtaking stunts in front of your very eyes. Indeed, it will keep you at the edge of your seat (if ever you have one). On top of this, there were also vendors roaming around the vicinity and there were famous car manufacturers flaunting their amazing cars as well just in case you might want to own one soon.

What made the event even more exciting were the tons of raffle prizes which all the attendees could possibly win. Despite its free admission, there were also a lot of giveaways given.

Therefore, the Auto Enthusiasts Day is certainly an annual event that you could not afford to miss. Hence, if you missed this year, try going on the next, because you’ll surely look forward to it, just like how aFe Power did.