Begin Wellness In Your Bathroom

The wellness industry is currently trending and no one can truly escape from it. There are cafes embracing the wellness game by adding turmeric lattes on their menus and organic face oils that promise to give your skin a boost. A new service in Manhattan called Take Good Care was launched in order to shake up these new hypes and offer custom services that will give customers an assessment on what they use everyday such as what is inside their makeup bag and cleaning supplies they use at home. Everything in their life is taken into consideration including the interior of the house such as stone topped double basin vanities to determine the impact of it all in their wellness and the environment.

Jenna Hershey Coviello is the founder of the service and aside from a being a fashion PR and beauty expert, she is also into wellness. The aim is to unravel the product labels of products people are using and give them better options with health in mind.

For people dreaming to improve their wellness, it can start in the bathroom where the personal care is done. Coviello shares how wellness can be done in the bathroom.

  • Dry brushing. This is recommended by Coviello before taking a shower because it is a great method to detox. The body exfoliates while the skin tone is evened out. It also helps improve blood circulation and the drainage of the lymphatic system while the nervous system is set into alertness.
  • Using body oil for the largest organ of the body which is the skin. This is why nontoxic products should be used because it has a 60 per cent absorption rate. Instead of using lotion, Coviello is now using body oil because it hydrates the skin better without the toxin.
  • White towels should be reconsidered. The fact is that cotton does not have a bright white color thus white towels involves undergoing a process in order to achieve the color. Go for linens and towels that are made of 100 per cent organic type of cotton.

As much as you spend a lot buying stone topped double basin vanities, the same should be invested in your wellness in order to live a more productive life.