BTS Elevators To Be Constructed Soon

Many people who have been to Bangkok including the locals might have noticed how unfriendly the BTS when it comes to people with disabilities. This is because of the lack of elevators in every station in order for them to navigate freely. This is also noted by tourists staying at a hotel near Skytrain and it is the reason why a disabled activist started its fight to have elevators on every train station.

This month, the City Hall has approved a budget for the said project and the news was welcomed first by the activist as it now means that additional elevators will be constructed in stations of the BTS Skytrain.

This approval came after many years of protest from the disable community of Thailand. They have initiated legal action in order for the government to take heed of their request. According to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, they have already approved a budget worth 256 million baht in order to fund 19 more elevators which will be constructed in 16 different stations. This came after a class-action lawsuit has been filed in protest against the administration.

The leader of the group Transportation for All is ManitInpim, a disabled activist, said that the project came to be because of the pressure brought about by the litigation and the protest from the public. Furthermore, the plaintiffs have already finished the joint inspection that was ordered by the court with regards to the administration, the system operator as well as the legal officer.

He added that they are happy because the approval came a day before the meeting of the council. Everyone came together for the event and the court was able to witness the review statements coming from the disabled community as well as the administration which makes it possible to hear both sides.

According to the promise of the council, the elevators will be completed four months after a contractor has been chosen for the job. This is a great improvement which will benefit the locals and the tourists especially those staying at hotel near Skytrain as the transportation becomes more accessible.