California Environmental Control Opts To Use Rodenticide After Eco-Friendly Solutions Fail

You have not seen any rats in your home but there are unmistakable signs of their presence like scratching sounds on the walls and chewed-through food packages. You do not see them because they are very quick and intelligent to be caught while eating food. In this kind of situation, what you need is residential pest control in Brisbane with decades of experience in rodent control and management.

The headquarters of California Environmental Control in downtown Sacramento has been fighting rat infestation for more than 5 weeks. According to CBS13 reports, their environmentally friendly strategy of rattus rattus was unsuccessful in eradicating the rat infestation. It seems that the agency has decided to use rat poison instead.

The use of rat poison is ironic because there is a movement to ban in the use of rodenticides even if Los Angeles, Sacramento and other cities in California are experiencing rat infestations in homeless camps. The California Department of Pesticide Control has enforced a ban since 2014 on the use of super-toxic rodenticide beyond 50 feet of manmade structures. EPA and the Department of Pesticide Regulation are regulating the products for effectiveness and its impact on human health and the environment.

Since the use of eco-friendly rat control strategies was ineffective, California Environmental Control will now use rat poison to get rid of the rodent population in their downtown Sacramento building. Since non-toxic pest management measures did not solve the rodent problem, experts required the application of rodenticide with strict safety procedures. Human Wildlife Control suggests the use of live catch traps and sealing points of entry.

The Sacramento building houses a childcare play centre and the children have to be protected from the diseases that are brought by rodents. The problem with rodents is real and it is unfortunate that the rat infestation has been caused by vagrants living in the city’s streets. Rodent infestation must be controlled immediately and the source identified before it spreads further.

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