Chinese Women Torn Between Tradition And Freedom When Choosing Clothes

Li Xiang, a 24-year old Chinese woman who worked for the media, recently decided to end things with her boyfriend because of a selfie she shared on her social media account. This issue does not only stem from her desire to let her boyfriend know that a man should not be dictating what their woman is wearing while out in public. This issue is also a hot topic in the country with the rise of more revealing clothing trends such as short cropped top and mini dresses. It concerns the personal freedom of Chinese women, their cultural tradition and the social norms they must adhere to.

The Shanghai-based media worker decided to upload a photo on her social media account via WeChat. She was standing at her bedroom door wearing only camisole coupled with a mini shorts. The pose and the clothing made her boyfriend uncomfortable and this is the reason why they got into a fight.

Li shared that her boyfriend was not happy because of the type of clothing she is wearing and also because she posted it online. She admitted that she was angry after hearing her boyfriend suggest that she should ask other men if they prefer their women to dress up like she did. It hits a spot for her because it conveyed the message that the man has every right to tell her what she should wear as if she were merely a small part of him. This also brings up the ongoing debate that women are considered second best only to the men they are in relationship with.

They are not the first couple in China to have this type of argument since the issue has been brought to attention online. It became a war ground for women to voice out their opinion that they should be able to dress depending on what they want and are comfortable with.

The issue broke into huge flames when an actress from Kazakhstan arrived in Shanghai airport wearing only jeans and a thin camisole. This issue proved that China is still not in favor of trendy, revealing pieces such as short cropped top due to various reasons including their culture and tradition as a nation.