Clients Of IT Support Companies Infected With Ransomware

One of the most worrying problems dealt by small business IT support and large companies is cyber security. In the most recent report, the clients of the IT support companies providing software package remotely became the latest victims. The hackers were able to use the vulnerability to take advantage because it has been an open loop hole for the past two years. This gave them the chance the release the GandCrab which is a ransomware that can be found on customer workstations of the said firms.

One company has already admitted that their clients have already fallen prey to the ransomware. This is after a confirmation was sent by Huntress Labs, a cyber security company. This has also been the talk of the town in the Reddit community.

The vulnerability that was taken advantage of the hackers has a negative effect on the Kaseya plugin which is used to operate the Connect Wise Manage software. This software product was provided to give professional services automation or PSA to the clients of every IT support company in the country.

When the plugin for the Kaseya VSA was in use, companies are given the power to connect the data with the use of the remote monitoring as well as the management solutions. These are then reflected on the Connect Wise dashboard.

Majority of small IT companies along with different management service providers, utilize two applications in order for the data coming from the clients to be centralized. This in turn, will allow the business to keep track with their customer workstations without the need to work at the site but at a remote location in the heart of it all.

Connect Wise has already given out a security alert after an increase in the number of reports regarding the ransomware attacks. The users are recommended to do an update of their Connect Wise Manage Kaseya plugin. The firm further clarified that those establishments with plugin are the ones that are most likely to be negatively impacted.

The company has come to a conclusion that 126 firms were not able to make a plugin update which increases their risk of vulnerability. It will not be surprising if they hire the expertise of small business IT support because they surely know how to handle such threats.