Considering Ergonomics When Purchasing Office Furniture

Businesses that are planning to buy office furniture in Auckland have to consider the advice of chiropractors or orthopaedic surgeons to ensure that they do not compromise the health of their employees. An office job requires sitting behind the desk for seven or more hours. There are office chairs that help an employee sit straight and yet stay comfortable.

Businesses must invest in better office chairs because employees who have been sitting for long periods of time in one position may eventually suffer from back problems. According to Dr. Marc Agulnick, a Long Island-based orthopaedic surgeon, bad position from postural standpoint overtime can break the spine.

A good office chair that helps an employee maintain a neutral posture means sitting with the feet flat on the floor, knees slightly higher than the hips and the hips, shoulder and ears lined up with each other. Since the neutral position differs from person to person, an adjustable chair will be a good option.

There are chairs that have been designed with the minimum of levers but with maximum amount of adaptability for the person sitting on it. For example, a Freedom office chair has a self-adjusting recline that allows a sitter to adjust the chair’s angle by simply leaning back instead of pressing on a separate lever.

Experts recommend micro-breaks of 15 to 20 minutes in the normal daily routine. An employee who has been sitting in a hunched position towards the screen of the computer has to lean away by pulling the shoulders back. It makes sense to lean away from the computer and pull the shoulders back so that the muscles can rest. There are office chairs that allow a person to lean back whenever there is a need for a little breather.

One of the most common reasons for businesses to purchase office furniture in Auckland is to create a different work environment. It is also possible for new office furniture to maximize the space available so that functionality will be enhanced. Whatever requirements are needed, there will always be appropriate office furniture that will deliver the right results.