Coronavirus Maps Show Changes In People’s Lives

Illustrated maps are works of art that are created by Rabinky Art’s services almost completely by hand. Pencils and ink are used to sketch the concept and the reference points. Afterwards, the map is blended using electronic water-based painting techniques. The original hand drawing is incorporated with technology to create a fully illustrated 2D or 3D map in high resolution, layer-rich Illustrator file.

Traditionally, maps are used to explore the world however, they also offer exploration within their boundaries. According to writer Rebecca Solnit, maps invite people to locate themselves in relation to whatever the map shows, to enter the labyrinth that is in each map and to find a way out by grasping whatever is mapped.

Last April, CityLab asked its readers to share homemade maps based on their lives and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. Creating maps of your own world can amplify the experience because you will be able to sort out what you think, feel, see, hear and desire in a certain place.

CityLab received more than 400 maps that highlight what people across the world have experienced during the extraordinary crisis including its social consequences. The maps were different from each other in style and content but there is a deep connection between the themes. The maps collectively showed how Covid-19 transformed the places where they live.

Some of the maps showed places and activities that are now beyond reach. More importance was placed on food, shelter and the basics including access the nature, creative outlets and social connections.

The published selection of homemade maps was organized into 6 themes that reflected the effects of the pandemic. The themes included domestic rearrangements about shifting home lives, psychic landscapes that probes the emotional toll of the coronavirus, redefined boundaries based on the perceptions of wider surroundings, virtual connection that explained the dominance of digital time and natural callings that tapped into the lure of greenery and wildlife.

Each illustrated map from Rabinky Art’s services can be modified, altered or segmented to address specific needs of the client both now and in the future. Even though the illustrated maps are initially drawn by hand, they are fully developed using software to make them easily editable for future needs.