Creating A Visually Strong Language Through Packaging Design

In India, companies tend to put more importance on advertising instead of packaging in order to stand out in the store shelves. However, the stiff competition among many different brands has forced companies to consider the packaging design as part of branding strategy. The summer season this year ushered in Pepsico emoji bottles while Frooti and Appy have introduced new bottles and packs. Even other homegrown beverage brands like Paperboat and Raw Pressery have also begun to realize the significance of using packaging design strategies.

Packaging and labeling are the first points that connect with consumers at the point of sale. According to Vipul Prakash, vice-president of Pepsi Co India, packaging must be the first step in advertising a product because it is able to create a visually strong language to communicate with customers. Pepsico has always placed packaging in the front and center to connect with its customers and to drive consumption during the grueling heat of the summer months.

Raw Pressery that sells organic cold –pressed juices is also using packaging design to establish itself in the premium slot. The square-shaped Pet bottles tend to standout because it its design is subtle and sophisticated. The Pet bottle has a minimal visual architecture that provides an assurance of quality and purity with lots of taste appeal. The unique design makes the product standout in the marketplace that breeds clutter.

The need to repackage a brand through design tends to vary from business to business. There is a general consensus on the marketing reality that no company can continue to ignore the way its products look. The changes in design are not just to create hype in social media but to catch the eyes of every consumer.  A brand also enjoys high recall through the way its packaging is designed because it tends to be different and unique from the rest. is a leading discount company in the United States that has made a name in the packaging industry. Aside from the large selection of packaging supplies under one roof, sells the very best for less. Customers are assured of high quality products at the lowest prices.