Development Plans For Davis Parks Outdoor Venues For Concerts And Events

City officials have finally began refining plans for Davis Park, including roof and boiler repairs, and adding infrastructures to develop the property.


Chicken And Egg Situation

Rockford Area Venues and Entertainment (RAVE) is in charge of bringing outdoor concerts to Davis Parks, but there hasn’t been a lot due to limited a stage, lighting equipment, and other amenities. Board member Tom Walsh that the discussion regarding the improvements in the park has been a chicken-and-egg conundrum for them. When RAVE is asked what programs they can hold at the Davis Park so that proper preparations for the infrastructures could be set in place, the usual response is that the type of program depends on the infrastructure that would be built. This has caused delays in the construction of necessary infrastructures and lack of programs at the park.


Other Concerns

Another concern that RAVE has raised is that there needs to be enough parking spaces for the visitors once outdoor concerts begin. While the committee has no intention to compete with other venues in the area, they have pointed out that adequate parking is necessary to provide visitors ample space to leave their cars and enjoy the events.


Enhancements and Cost

The local government has hired a consultant to recommend possible enhancements for the festival space. An entertainment venue was suggested, although there are no set plans yet as to how big the stage would be, or what the whole venue would look like. Last year, the Coronado underwent roof and boiler repairs, which cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. RAVE officials are trying to set the same expectations for the development of the festival space.


The committee staff and board members have been working on calculations for the repairs and replacements in the venues. The main plan will be delivered to the local government in the following months to begin the discussions on how the projects would be funded.


Board member John Phelps says that roughly $1 million must be set aside of the project. The committee needs to plan for the expenses of the project, he adds.