Different Programs Conducted By SOS

Suicide or survive is a charity organization, which works to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illnesses and aims to provide the required support and recovery services that are customized as per individual requirements.

The organization is supported by Iris O’Brien foundation, founded by Denis Obrien. The charitable organization works to enable people suffering with mental health issues to recognize their condition and seek solutions to treat them. It works to build an accepting society where people with mental health illnesses are accepted and treated with care and compassion.

The charitable organization conducts several workshops and programs like wellness workshops, Eden program, WRAP program and supporters program to work for the mental wellness of the people. The institution operates through donations and fund raising. Denis Obrien is one of the top supporters of the organization.

Some of the programs conducted by suicide or survive are

  1. Wellness programs

The wellness workshops are one day programs for everyone who is aware of the importance of mental health. The workshop empowers the participants with tools and techniques required to improve one’s mental health. The workshop is free but a voluntary contribution is encouraged. The fundraisers, donors and the Denis Obrien funded Iris O’Brien foundation fund the wellness workshops.

  1. Eden programme

The Eden program provides a safe space for the individuals who have committed suicide or are prone to suicidal thoughts. Each program consists of ten to twelve participants, who work on a group based environment to develop the necessary life skills to improve mental wellness. The confidential program runs for a duration of twenty-six weeks or six months.

  1. WRAP program

WRAP or wellness Recovery Action Plan is a two and a half day program. The program helps the participants to develop their own personalized wellness program that can be followed on a daily basis. The program is offered at subsidized charges, for individuals who cannot afford to pay the full fess. The highly successful program is supported by Denis Obrien, the founder of Iris O’Brien foundation.

  1. Supporters program

The program is aimed to train the supporters to help others struggling with mental health issues. The workshop provides the necessary skills and tools for supporters to help others in need and also to take care of their own mental health. The two and half day program is offered at reduced costs for people who cannot afford the full fee. The program is supported by donors, fundraisers and Denis Obrien foundation.