Different Variations Of Indian Cuisine For The Adventurous Taste Buds

Are you imagining biting into crunchy samosa or some luscious tikka masala with curry-soaked naan bread? There is more to Indian cuisine than these foods particularly for those with adventurous taste buds. Every state offers a different dish. Those rich, creamy curries and sauce actually originate from the northern part of India and these are the foods that the Western nations as well as the rest of the world are familiar with.

Even naan bread comes in different variations according to the state they came from. Chefs make use of different ingredients and flour including different kitchen utensils. Some chefs can only make northern food like chicken tikka misala and korma. However, Irish people prefer to eat mild and they do not like food that is too spicy. This is the reason why Indian restaurants like Diwali make sure that the Indian cuisine they serve is adjusted to the Irish palate. The only spicy and southern offering included in their menu is the well-known madras curry that has its roots in the city of Chennai.

A little further from Chennai is the state of Kerala that inspired Lewis Cunningham to open a lunchtime food stall at markets found all over the city. Cunningham acknowledges the dominance of Punjabi (northern style) curry houses in Dublin which makes it difficult to introduce the Kerala meals.

Southern dishes vary from those served in the north because they are often cooked with lots of coconut.   The market menu includes a lot of mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves. In southern India, snack and street food are quite common which explains Cunningham’s menu composed of mutton rolls, dosas or rice pancakes and fried potatoes. Vegetarian foods are also extremely popular but this has not been a problem for Cunningham’s Kerala Kitchen because they have the popular vegetarian chickpea and spinach curry.

In Western Australia, there are Indian restaurants Perth with tangy specialties from Southern India and the chicken tikka from the Northern part. You get to taste juicy boneless pieces of chicken that have been marinated in hung yoghurt and ground spices. The restaurant also has a venue ideal for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions and other special events.