Dispelling The Myths About Funeral Homes

The Herald toured Plympton Funeral Home to dispel some of the myths that have been wrongly associated to the business. The funeral home is nothing like what you see in the movies because everything is clean, organized and modern. There are no squeaky doors and cobwebs like in the horror movies. Families can feel comfortable because they are assured that the dead loved one will be care for properly.

When you take a look behind the scene, you will find a wall where a blue tray filled with makeup hangs. There is a cornucopia of beauty essentials from blushers, brushes, mascara sticks and nail varnish. The makeup is for the dead so that families who visit to say goodbye will be seeing their loved one with a peaceful smile on the lips. All the signs of sufferings, sickness and pain endured will be covered by the expert makeup artist.

According to Grahame Parker, the public must not be scared of embalming. He embalms, cleans and dresses about 30 dead people a day in a bright spacious room that contains clinical metal beds, scalpels, tweezers and liquid preservative. Beside the door, you will find surgical overshoes, a cloak and a face guard that are used in the embalming process.

Behind the reception and meeting room is the chapel of rest with quiet music playing. In a huge workshop that is lined with coffins, an employee customizes and fits out a coffin for the deceased. The garage is where limousines and hearses are parked.

Parker said his job is very rewarding because he is able to help people during their time of need. So many things happen in the funeral home. It is the place where families go to for the arrangement of the funeral services. They have the choice between cremation and traditional burial. They can also opt for the body of the deceased to be kept in a cold room or embalmed until the day of the funeral.

The family’s wishes will always be followed by funeral directors in Perth. If the final wish is burial, the funeral director and his team makes sure that every detail is perfect. Cremation will also be handled efficiently if it is the wish of the bereaved family.