Drone Shop In Perth An Attractive Target For Burglars

Drone Shop Perth has fallen victim to burglary for the second time in one week. Its owner, Mike Severn, is already annoyed because thieves are targeting his business. The second burglary was committed by a duo who decided to drop from the ceiling of the drone shop. Residents are shocked because these thieves are smart enough to avoid security screens in Perth which can be quite hard to pass through.

Based on the CCTV footage recorded inside the shop, the thieves were able to get inside through the roof access and they left with shopping bags full of equipment. This is not the first time that the drone shop has fallen victim to burglary and the owner said that it was obvious with the movements of the pair that they are already experts in what they do and they are familiar with the shop since they know the ceiling panel that needs to be removed out of the way.

Mr. Severn said that the ceiling panel they moved is an alarm system of the store therefore he deduced that the thieves have been inside the store before. They know which sheet to remove and not the other one which would have led them to the other side with a wall division.

He is disappointed because his alarm system cost him around $4,000 to install and he is now in doubt whether he wanted to continue with his business as he is being targeted repeatedly. The first time that it was broken in was the beginning of the year and the burglar had an angle grinder with him in order to get through the shop’s shutter and he damaged the front door of the shop prior to breaking the display cabinet.

The shop owner is now calling to residents to be careful and have their security screens in Perth secured because thieves nowadays are getting smarter and they know how to avoid high-tech smart security systems. This is a negative for the store owners because they have to worry about many things including security on top of everything else.